Monday, November 21, 2011

srikandi by ninotaziz

Our past has a rich legacy of legends.
Based on fact and fantasy, these epics have shaped
our culture, perceptions and ideologies.

In short, the very pillars of our people’s mindset.

Though mythical, our legends are unshakeable.
One can’t refute them, for they are myths.
Neither can one dismiss them, for they represent the earliest
records and thoughts of our people from the classical Malay literature, the wayang kulit and various dance theatres and and the storytellers of old.

The princesses featured in this book are our heroines,
as they are fearless and wise,
gentle and resilient at the same time.


We would like to showcase this heritage
we share together so that our children may know that
our ancestors possess all the qualities
to overcome obstacles and to succeed in life.



Seeker of Truth







And the beauty within all these Srikandi
is a treasure we must safe guard
for future generations.

Copyright © 2011 ninotaziz
All rights reserved.

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ninotaziz, the writer

ninotaziz, born in Tasmania, Australia, is the author of several books, specialising in Malaysian heritage and legends including the ‘From The Written Stone’ with a foreword by Minister of Culture, Arts and Tourism and ‘From The Gathering’, both published by Utusan Publishers. She lives in Malaysia with her husband, Mohd Rudy, five daughters - Iman, Inas, Irani, Ilena and Ikesha and two cats, Cruikshanks and Sasha Basil Potter.

A writer and event organiser with over 20 years experience, ninotaziz has organised events including royal banquets for the King and the Prime Minister. She is driven to organise exhibitions and carnivals with a cultural emphasis. At such a royal banquet, she organised a special presentation by the Mak Yong grand dame (the late) Khadijah Awang for His Majesty The Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

ninotaziz has worked with the Ministry of Information, Communications and Culture in particular the National Department of Arts and Culture, TERAJU, the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, the National Archives, the British Council, the American Embassy, Malaysia Airlines and various other organisations.

She blogs at